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Forum Launched!

Post by Lord of the Board on Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:34 am


After 4 days in development, the forum is finally (or atleast probably) ready to use!

I'll leave the explaining to future info topics I'll create, but briefly:

(Late Night Tofu) is a new forum that I'm hoping to use to bring the drifting community closer together. Primarily with rFactor, but not limited to it. Similar to how I'm guessing JDMF started up.

While I hope will be used to make friends amongst drifters, what I want to avoid is the privatization that has followed that philosophy. The drift community as a whole has become too exclusive, in the sense that friends create their own cliques just like a typical highschool soap' and never let the public in on what they discover or create with drifting, instead of opening up and making it easier to newbies to jump into the game and learn the trade. Creating your own private communities isn't always a bad thing, although with the current state of drift gaming having as low of a population as it does, we really are only going to be headed backwards by doing this, allowing the community to continuously shrink until really all were left with are arcade console racers (sorry Forza).

will welcome everyone, and I encourage everyone to help each other out as much as possible. Use this board to plan video creation, organize events, share your work, make your game a game worth playing for the long run.

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