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[.SFX] Sound Editing Documentation

Post by Lord of the Board on Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:51 pm

Dedicated to discovering tricks and trips that work best for creating new sound files (.wav), sound effect files (.sfx), and engine .ini files.

Tip #1: Creating a proper RPM limit bounce
I'm sure most of you have noticed the majority of engine sounds in mods like Project D or SP Mod have astonishingly unrealistic RPM Limiters, where the sound just seems to glitch out when it gets hit. Unfortunately this isn't the modders fault, it's just a limitation of the game engine. However, there is a trick to create a much more realistic RPM bounce in engine files:

A typical engine file line:
RPMTorque=( 7000.0, -150.0, 300.2)

A modified RPM bounce engine file line:
RPMTorque=( 7000.0, -9000.0, 300.2)

See the difference? The second number in each RPM Band line is typically set to about half of the last number for the most realistic experience, however by setting it to a negative number down in the thousands, it creates a realistic RPM bounce. Despite being a little taboo, I did not notice any major difference in engine behavior while driving except for an evident power loss when it starts to bounce as expected.

The RPM band lines in the engine file are defined as follows:
http://ausfactor.com/rfc/rfactor_Engine.htm wrote:
Value 1 - The rpm at which these values apply
Value 2 - The maximum Back-torque, or drag, in Newton-metres from the engine at closed throttle
Value 3 - The maximum Torque in Nm from the engine at full throttle

You will also need to change the Revlimiter settings in the engine file as well. I have yet to really play with these but this is the setting I used to enable the revlimiter:

RevLimitRange=(7337.0, 00.0, 00)  

Only place the negative thousands value @ the RPM Limit and above within the revband. If you put the value at any RPM below the RPM Limit, you will notice your RPMs begin to hault @ the first RPM using the value if only half throttle is applied, although it will still move past that RPM if your apply more throttle.

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